4 Tips For Having the Best Drive-In Movie Experience Possible

Bring the lawn chairs and sleeping bags for the ultimate outdoor movie-viewing experience

Summer is the season to slow things down. So, why not slow things down so much that you turn back time?

Drive-in movies peaked in popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and lucky for us, we can experience outdoor film like it used to be. Every Wednesday in August, Deerfoot Mall will be screening popular movies that Calgarians can enjoy drive-in style.

Here’s how to make sure you do it right.

Arrive early

Just because the movie starts at 9:30 p.m. – or around there, depending on what time the sun sets – doesn’t mean you should roll up at 9:25 p.m. For starters, arriving early means you’ll get a better spot in front of the screen. After all, nobody wants to be parked behind the Sequoia SUV or so far from the screen that the tension of Jaws is lost.

And if that’s not reason enough, come early for the activities that will be taking place before the feature movie. This week, have your photo taken with the mechanical shark, feel the thrill of slipping down the 24-foot inflatable slide and buy a treat from the Mac’s froster truck.

Bring something to sit on

You don’t need to cram the whole family into the back of the Toyota Corolla to watch the movie. Why not make the most of those long summer nights? Pack your lawn chairs and sit outside of your car for the feature film. Or if you drive a truck, set up the lawn chairs in the bed – your vision won’t be obstructed at all, and despite what some say, it is not “white trashy.”

(Legend has it that some enthusiastic drive-in movie-goers even bring their couch. Now that would make for incredibly comfortable outdoor viewing.) *

Know what to pack (and buy)

For those who don’t know how drive-in movies work, know that you have to tune your radio to a specific station to hear what’s going on. If you’re sitting outside of your car, prepare to leave the windows rolled down (and exposed to mosquitoes) or bring your own radio.

And, obviously, seeing a movie requires snacks. Pack your own or buy movie popcorn from the Deerfoot Mall food court. You can feel good about guzzling a buttery snack: proceeds go back to Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids.

And make sure you bring plenty of layers

Going to a drive-in movie isn’t the same kind of viewing experience as sitting in a theatre. Forget cozy and warm, and expect those chilly evening mountain breezes. Come prepared with sleeping bags, blankets, hoodies and pillows.

The movies playing this year

You can catch an outdoor movie screening every week in August.

August 6: Jaws

August 13: Ghostbusters

August 20: Toy Story

August 27: Back To the Future

All movies are at Deerfoot Mall. 901 64 Ave. N.E., deerfootmall.com.

*Caution: this seems like it could make for dangerous driving. And we don’t endorse that.

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