8 Fun Races in Calgary this Summer

Fun is really dependent on if you like zombies, mud and/or neon lights

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Calgary’s 2013 Bicycle Program Yearbook: Why Aren’t Women Commuting By Bike?

The city’s 2013 bike survey shows more men commute by bike than women. But what do the numbers really mean?

3 Mountain Activities To Try This Summer

If you're on the hunt for new mountain adventures, consider wing suits and foraging

Planning on Rafting Down the Bow River This Summer? Here’s How to Stay Safe

You remembered the life jackets, but did you remember your car keys, an extra paddle and good shoes?

5 Alternatives To Your Gym Workout

When spin class feels like just spinning your wheels, try one of these courses instead

8 Fun Races in Calgary this Summer

Fun is really dependent on if you like zombies, mud and/or neon lights

Modern Prairie Architecture: What's old is new again

The timeless design of Modern Prairie Architecture makes a comeback in the exclusive west Calgary community The Point in Patterson Heights.

Hotel Packages Made for Locals

One gives you a ride to GlobalFest and a place to stay after. Another gets you into Spruce Meadows with behind-the-scenes tours and a patio suite.

Everything a Travelling Baseball Fan Needs to Know

Summer means it's time for road trips, unhealthy snacks and baseball. The best summers involve all three

Sneak Peek at IKEA’s 2015 Catalogue

From the cutest saucepan you’ve ever seen to sturdy solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime, here’s a preview of items from IKEA’s 2015 catalogue, which will be delivered mid-August

Object of Desire: Sonos Wireless HiFi System

Get the most out of your summer playlists with this amazing sounding small wonder

6 New Stores at Market Mall

The northwest mall is getting even better with the addition of Brandy Melville, Joydrop and more

Try Fly-Fishing in the Mountains

If you're planning on catching a bite, plan on getting a little wet.

Local Buy: Sarah Pike's Teapots

These gorgeous handmade teapots are also works of art

An Insider's Guide to Folk Fest

Never been to Folk Fest? Ed Hoover has all the info you need to approach the festival like a seasoned pro.

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Experience the local food and wine scene with experts who’ll put you on the fast track to foodie-ism

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Sink your teeth into these sweet treats this summer

6 Pink Wines For Summer Sipping

The crisp, refreshing characters of rosé make it the perfect summer sipper

Things To Do in Calgary: July 21 to 27

Take in the stars, watch a bike-in movie and eat chocolate


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