Garry Mushens

“I don’t dress to be seen, I dress for life.”

Photography BY Jessica Pechet; Styling BY Julie Redmond; makeup BY Amber Chomezcko; hair BY Lisa Tompkins; rug from Chintz & Company

LEFT: Custom-made jumpsuit by Anni Kuhn; tie by Vivienne Westwood; necklace by Anne B. Accessories; Red or Dead shoes were purchased in London; custom-made flower corsage by Marika Styba at Peaseblossoms; teddy bear from Domicile Interiors; hair by Casey Coutts at Angles Hair and Aesthetics.

RIGHT: Craig Green shirt, vest and layered shorts, all from SSENSE; hat by Robert Geller; acrylic necklace by Anne B. Accessories; Trippen boots from gravitypope; custom-made flower corsage by Marika Styba at Peaseblossoms.


Garry Mushens’ style is organic, expressive and constantly changing. “You can quickly tell what I’m feeling that day by what I’m wearing,” Mushens says. He favours bright colours, androgynous silhouettes, unusual textures and accessories — he has an expansive hat collection and regularly changes the bright streaks in his hair.

Mushens is inspired by art and modern dance and designs his own clothes. His style is completely unconventional, which is surprising because he has a traditional job as an accountant and owner at Ptarmigan Oil and Gas Accounting

“Accounting is looking for where the pattern breaks and it’s the same with clothes. I’m looking for that tension. I like things that are asymmetrical and I like deconstruction,” he says.

Mushens, who grew up in Scotland, believes in dressing for the occasion. He will happily change into a suit, out of say, a hand-knit jumpsuit layered with metal necklaces, to meet with clients. “I’m adaptable. I wear things I like and I dress appropriately,” he says.  


What’s your current Calgary fashion obsession?

“A Calgary designer I’ve created pieces with recently, Anni Kuhn.”


What’s your dream outfit?

“I’m still imagining it. The colours are there and they’re clashing and bright.” 


Where do you go to be seen fashion-wise?

“I don’t dress to be seen, I dress for life.”


This article appears in the April 2017 issue of Avenue Calgary. Subscribe here.


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Garry Mushens

“I don’t dress to be seen, I dress for life.”

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