Signal Hill

Signal Hill ranked 9th overall in Avenue Calgary’s 2019 Best Neighbourhoods.

Quadrant: Southwest
Population in 2018: 13,488
Density (people per sq. km): 2,409
Median assessed property value in 2017: $555,000
Dwellings that are single-family homes: 65%
Percentage of commuters who walk or bike to work: 3.3%

Best Neighbourhood Scores

Using a variety of data sources, we assigned scores to each neighbourhood for characteristics and amenities that make a neighbourhood desirable. To learn more about how the best neighbourhoods are determined, read our methodology.

Overall rank for Best Neighbourhoods 2019: 9
Restaurant access points: 42
Public recreation facility access points: 62
Engagement points: 104
Parks and green space points: 31
Pathway points: 15
WalkScore: 57

Illustration by Raymond Biesinger.

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