Staff Picks: Favourite Summer Treats

From cold drinks to refreshing soft serve, here are a few of the summer treats our staff are looking forward to indulging in again.

Photograph courtesy of Phil & Sebastian.


Saturday, June 20, marked the first day of summer. That means the next few months will be filled with opportunities to indulge in our favourite ice cream, cold drinks, summer fruits and more. Here are a few of the summer treats our staff are looking forward to indulging in again.


The Black and Tonic from Phil & Sebastian

I look forward to the return of the Black and Tonic at Phil & Sebastian every summer. The iced drink is an unexpected combination of cold brew, imported tonic and black cherry juice. The flavour is tart and deep, but not overwhelming thanks to the playful effervescence of the bubbles. It’s kind of what I imagine good flirting to taste like. Pro tip: give it a moment and a few slow tilts to help it settle. I prefer the flavour this way, and a gentle approach spares you the embarrassment of fizzy tonic shooting all over your shirt — not that this ever happened to me. — Colin Gallant, assistant editor


Rainier Cherries

With a very short but sweet season, Rainier cherries are a reminder of what summer eating should do — take advantage of every glorious day. These large, sweet cherries are a light yellow and blush colour and arrive at Calgary markets around the beginning of July. Developed in the 1950s at Washington State University and named for Mount Rainier, thin-skinned Rainiers bruise easily and because of their light colour the bruising shows more. Add to that the fact that fewer orchards grow this particular cultivar and you wind up with low supply, which equals a higher price than you’ll pay for a standard Bing cherry. But it is well worth it at least once a season. Perfect for eating straight from the bag, pick them up from a local market when you see them (select vendors at both Calgary Farmers Market and Crossroads Market usually carry them), find yourself a sunny spot to sit outdoors and enjoy. — Käthe Lemon, editor-in-chief


Dole Whip from Inglewood Drive-In

There is no shortage of great ice cream and soft serve in Calgary. While a lot of places stick to the traditional vanilla, chocolate and swirl soft serve options, there’s a special place in my heart for Inglewood Drive-In’s Dole Whip. Aside from the bright pineapple flavour, the dairy-free treat has more of an icy texture than creamy, making it a refreshing treat to cool down with on a hot summer day. You can order one now through the Inglewood Drive-In’s takeout window. — Alana Willerton, digital editor

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