More Top Neighbourhoods in Calgary

The neighbourhoods with the highest Walk Score, most trees and highest community engagement points in our 2020 Best Neighbourhoods Survey.

Illustration by Maria Hergueta.


Highest Walk Score

Walk Score measures the walkability of a neighbourhood based on the percentage of daily errands that can be accomplished on foot in the area. Walk Score is a private company based in Seattle, Washington, that provides a complete list of Walk Scores, Transit Scores and Bike Scores for Calgary neighbourhoods on its website.


1. Beltline 91(tie)

1. Downtown Commercial Core 91 (tie)

3. Lower Mount Royal 88

4. Downtown West End 87

5. Cliff Bungalow 85


Highest Community Engagement Points

Community engagement means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and a lot of what it means is subjective. Yet our aim was to create an engagement score based on objective measures available comprehensively for the city’s many neighbourhoods.

One aspect of community engagement that can be measured is neighbours’ opportunities to run into each other. The more neighbours see each other out and about in their community, the more likely it is that they meet and then become involved in their community.

To create our engagement score we collected data on access to libraries, parks, playgrounds, community halls, schools and more. We took into consideration the percentage of dog owners with the thought that the more dog owners there are wandering a community’s streets, the more likely it is neighbours might chat casually with one another.

Our engagement score is definitely a substitute for other qualitative measures of community involvement such as friendly neighbours who are actively involved in helping each other. But we think it’s a pretty good substitute.


1. Huntington Hills 196

2. McKenzie Lake 182

3. Lake Bonavista 170

4. Hillhurst 169

5. Pineridge 163


Most Trees

Using data from Open Calgary, we recorded the number of trees per square kilometre in each neighbourhood. These are the five neighbourhoods with the highest number of trees per square kilometre.


1. Queens Park Village 5,531 trees per sq.-km

2. Eau Claire 4,242 trees per sq.-km

3. Erlton 3,041 trees per sq.-km

4. Garrison Green 2,443 trees per sq.-km

5. Rosedale 2,418 trees per sq.-km


Most Important Characteristics in a Great Place to Live

Avenue Calgary‘s best neighbourhoods list is determined by a survey that asks respondents to tell us what characteristics are important to them in a place to live. The survey presents several lists of characteristics and asks respondents to rank them from most to least important. From those responses, we determine the weighting of importance for each characteristic. That weighting combined with data we collect is how we rank the established communities in Calgary.

This is the list of most important characteristics for a great place to live according to the survey.


1. High proportion of park space

2. Good access to the pathway system

3. High Walk Score

4. Good access to supermarkets, grocery stores and food markets

5. Strong community engagement

6. Good access to major roads

7. High Transit Score

8. High number of public recreation facilities

9. Close to a retail shopping district

10. Lots of trees

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