Calgarians We Love: Terry Cahill

Twenty years after the 2002 film FUBAR, the quintessential Calgarian everyman (as portrayed by actor Dave Lawrence) is still “given’r” on a daily basis.

Photograph by Ramsey Kunkel.

We were all first introduced to Terry Cahill in the 2002 film FUBAR, but, 20 years later, the quintessential Calgarian everyman (as portrayed by actor Dave Lawrence), is still “given’r” on a daily basis. He’s starring in the series Trailer Park Boys: Jail with another new show on the way, and has a few other “pots cookin’” closer to home. “I’m like a rare unicorn, born and bred here,” Cahill says. “Ya never forget where ya come from, ’specially if ya never leave.”

Cahill even found himself toying with the idea of a mayoral run last summer, and, although he didn’t follow through, he did get as far as making a campaign T-shirt in partnership with local clothing company C of Dead, and donated proceeds from sales to the Mustard Seed. In typical fashion, Cahill shrugs off his good deed. “There’s been a few times where I was down on my luck an’ I was always able to crash there,” he says. “So, ya just gotta pay it back sometimes. You never know, it could be you.”

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This article appears in the January 2022 issue of Avenue Calgary.

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