Inside the New Da Vinci Exhibition at Telus Spark

Running until May 5, Telus Spark’s new exhibition dives into the life, mind and accomplishments of Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

Inside Da Vinci The Exhitibition at Telus Spark. Photo by Chris Landry.

Telus Spark’s latest exhibition explores one of the greatest minds in history. Developed by Aurea Exhibitions and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Da Vinci The Exhibition examines Leonardo da Vinci’s impact on science, art and engineering using recreations of his inventions and paintings, as well as multimedia presentations.

Inside the exhibit, guests will find more than 65 life-size, working recreations of da Vinci inventions. The works on display showcase his journey into the realm of flight through his famous plans for a corkscrew-like helicopter and his impact on art and math through paintings like the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper.” The pieces also look at his studies on anatomy and nature (as seen in the “Vitruvian Man” sketches) and his work in the fields of invention and engineering that include the study of simple machines to make everyday life easier.

All of this and more is on display to touch and feel as you journey through the life of the Italian polymath. Starting on February 1, there will also be a number of special programs related to da Vinci’s works, like the hands-on Parachutes & Helicopters presentation by Telus Spark’s Live Science team.

Da Vinci The Exhibition is open daily at Telus Spark until May 5. Access to the show is included with regular admission and memberships.

220 St. George’s Dr. N.E., 403-817-6800,


Inside Da Vinci The Exhibition

Exploring some of the paintings by da Vinci. Photo by Chris Landry.
Recreations of a few da Vinci inventions. Photo by Chris Landry
In front of “The Last Supper.” Photo by Chris Landry
A number of inventions were made for Da Vinci The Exhibition, including prototype parachutes and the famous corkscrew helicopter. Photo by Chris Landry.
Photo by Chris Landry.
A recreation of a diving suit originally thought up by da Vinci. Photo by Chris Landry.
Photo by Chris Landry.
Photo by Chris Landry.

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