10 Wacky Poutines to Try During Poutine Week

A poutine with waffle chunks and fried chicken, a poutine with beer-battered cheese curds and a poutine that’s basically one of the best Ukrainian dishes ever can all be sampled during this year’s Calgary Poutine Week.


If you’re going to eat poutine — and a lot of it — wait until Calgary Poutine Week. It runs April 21 to 29 and it's pretty much guaranteed to satisfy your poutine cravings. 

But it’s not just a seven-day excuse to eat a lot of fries and gravy and cheese curds. This food event supports Mealshare. For each poutine that’s sold between April 21 to 29, Mealshare will give a meal to someone who needs it.  Last year, 5,000 poutines were sold over seven days — that means 5,000 donated meals.  

It’s not a competition, but the restaurant that sells the most poutines during Poutine Week does get a special shout-out. Last year, the Ship and Anchor sold the most poutines (277) over the seven days. 

More than 65 restaurants are participating this year. That means there are more than 65 special poutines to choose from. We help you figure out where to get started with these 10 suggestions. 


The poutine that’s like a (really meaty and garlicky) Mediterranean vacation

Le Meaty Mediterranean Poutine, $11.95 from the Ship and Anchor

all photographs courtesy of calgary poutine week

Order this poutine when you can’t decide between a classic poutine and a Mediterranean meal, because this dish is a combination of both. You get your cheese curds and your fries and your gravy, but you’ll also get sirloin steak, crumbled falafel, grilled pineapple and baba ghanoush. And, to really get those Mediterranean flavours, there’s fresh mint and a garlic sauce on top, too. 

Ship and Anchor, 534 17 Ave. S.W., 403-245-3333, shipandanchor.com


The poutine that has a bit of a kick 

Samosa Poutine, from $6 from Veg-In YYC

There are no fries, gravy or cheese curds, but you should try this poutine if you're up for something totally different — and totally vegan. Instead of fries, this poutine's base is a samosa. Then that's covered in house-made masala chickpeas and a vegan butter-chicken sauce. (It's coconut based.) It's topped with tamarind. 

Veg-In YYC, 215 6 Ave. S.E., 587-351-5253, veginyyc.com


The poutine that's part breakfast, part dinner

Chicken and Waffle Poutine, $15 from Spot On Kitchen and Bar

This poutine is carbs on carbs. If you’re the kind of person who thinks waffles are kind of plain on their own, during poutine week you can get them with fries, boneless fried chicken bites and maple syrup. And, because this is poutine, of course there’s also cheese curds and gravy — bacon gravy. 

Spot On Kitchen and Bar, 2 Richard Way S.W., 403-240-3619, spotoncalgary.com


The very, very cheesy and very, very bacon-y poutine

Cheesy Tater Tot Poutine, $12.99 from Brewsters Brewing Company

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like fries. You want tater tots. Brewsters knows that, which is why this poutine is made using Tater Tots and topped with a bacon cheese sauce, smoked gouda, barbecue sauce and a bacon marmalade. 

Brewsters Brewing Company, various locations, brewsters.ca 


The poutine that isn’t sure if it’s a pub snack or a spaghetti dinner

Poutine With a Chance of Meatballs, $15 from 4th Spot Kitchen and Bar

This poutine doesn’t have your usual poutine gravy. It has Sunday gravy (that’s a ragu, or a meat sauce) as well as meatballs and fresh basil and two kinds of cheese: Parmesan and Quebec cheese curds. 

4th Spot Kitchen and Bar, 2620 4 St. N.W., 403-984-3474, 4thspot.com


The poutine your Baba would make, if she were the kind of Baba who made poutine

Ukrainian Poutine, from $8.50 from Dragon's Lair Burger

This dish uses deep fried cheese and potato perogies as the poutine base. Then, those perogies are topped with everything you always want on top of your perogies: grilled onions, Ukrainian sausage, sour cream and green onions. And, because it’s still a poutine, there’s a cheesey poutine sauce and cheese curds too. 

Dragon’s Lair Burger, 1200 37 St. S.W., 587-349-4376, facebook.com 


The poutine you could eat with your hands, if you want

Blanco Poutine Burrito, $16 from Blanco Cantina

Usually, a poutine is something you need a fork to eat. Sometimes a knife too. For Blanco Cantina ‘s Calgary Poutine Week creation, you don’t need either. Blanco Cantina stuffs a burrito with the usual poutine ingredients — the fries, the cheese curds and a gravy — but also adds shaved skirt steak and onions. Your poutine burrito comes with your choice of one Mexican side, like dirty rice or corn bread. 

Blanco Cantina, 723 17 Ave, S.W., 403-228-1854, blancocantina.ca


The poutine that combines a childhood favourite (Tater Tots) with an adult favourite (beer)

Tots and Hops Poutine, $10 from Trolley 5

In some ways, this poutine is traditional. (By that we mean, it has the three essential poutine elements: potatoes, cheese curds and gravy.) But instead of fries, there are Tater Tots. And instead of regular cheese curds, the curds are beer battered. And as well as your usual gravy, this poutine has peppercorn sauce and hops. 

Trolley 5, 728 17 Ave. S.W., 403-454-3731, trolley5.com


The very wurst poutine out there

The Wurst Poutine, $13 from Paper St.

This German-inspired poutine has the fries and cheese curds, but also has bratwurst, a mustard gravy and a curry sauce. 

Paper St., 102, 630 8 Ave. S.W., paperstyyc.com


The poutine for that person who can’t get enough pastrami 

Reuben Poutine, $13.95 from Bank and Baron P.U.B.

Instead of going to a place to get a Reuben sandwich with a side of fries, get a Reuben sandwich on top of those fries. Pastrami, bacon, sauerkraut and cheese curds are piled on top of fries here, and then it’s all drizzled with a relish, gravy, Russian dressing and Dijon. 

Bank and Baron P.U.B., 125 8 Ave. S.W., 587-293-9688, bankandbaronpub.com


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