Calgary’s 2019 Top 40 Under 40s Give Thanks

While the stories we write about Top 40 Under 40 celebrates singular successes, no one gets to where they are alone — everyone has help along the way. This year, we asked the Avenue Top 40s who they wanted to thank for getting them on the list. These are their responses.

Bill Alexander

“The Tsuu’tina Nation and Grey Eagle Hotel and my wonderful culinary team for giving me the opportunity and support to share my passion and knowledge of Indigenous Cuisine with the world. My mom, Cristine Craig, for always teaching and giving me the strength to follow my desires and fight for what’s important. Last but not least, my beautiful wife, Kelleagh Alexander, and daughter, Kiarah Alexander, who have constantly supported me and my passion even at their own expense. I could not have accomplished anything without them.”


Nicolas Beique

“My wife, family and team.”


Catharine Bowman

“My parents, brothers and sister-in-law (Debbie, Dan, Jordan, Patrick, David and Chelsea) for their endless encouragement and love (amongst many other things!). Dr. Pierre-Yves von der Weid (University of Calgary) and members of the von der Weid Laboratory for their continued support and guidance. Dr. Linda Carlson (University of Calgary), Dr. Richard Austin (McMaster University), Dr. Dawn Bowdish (McMaster University) and Dr. Alison Boyd for their mentorship and willingness to support my research endeavours throughout the past seven years. Ms. Diane Martin and the Board Directors for the Alberta Lymphedema Association for their support and continued advocacy for lymphedema patients. Friends and colleagues who have so graciously supported my endeavours (research, music, volunteer work) over the course of my life.”


Heather Buchanan

“Lisa and Ian Davies. Angel Guerra. Lana McCarroll. Nate Waters.”


Andrew Bullied and Erica O’Gorman

“Our employees. Our investor groups. Our parents. And our friends in the industry.”


Oluwatomilayo (Tito) Daodu

“My fiancé, Dayo Ogunyemi. My parents, Kenny and Jacob Daodu. My mentors, Dr. Mary Brindle, Dr. Neel Datta, and Ken Opaleke. And the West Broadway Youth Outreach.”


Louis Duncan-He

“Donovan Duncan-He (my spectacular husband). FCB SIX (Toronto agency partner for destination pride pflag). Cossette West (Vancouver agency partner for pflag brand identity).”


Dr. Deinera Exner-Cortens

“My community partners. The children and youth who work with me. The University of Calgary. My mentors. And my family and husband.”


Conrad & Louisa Ferrel

“We would like to thank our loyal kombucha customers as well as our amazing partners and employees, because they’ve played a huge part in making this dream a reality.”


Tim Fox

“My family and community for shaping who I am as an individual and my professional career.”


Dr. Marco Gallo

“My wife, Danielle Gallo.”


Isis Graham

“Krista Thibodeau, Andrew Williams, Cate Graham, Amadeus Meitner and Bethany Holmes.”


Laurel Green

“The folks that nominated me. My colleagues at One Yellow Rabbit and Wellspring. My friends and family. And all the incredible artists I’ve worked with in Calgary and beyond.”


Jordan Guildford

“The Gems for Gems Board. The Gems for Gems Ambassador Team and the community that has supported Gems for Gems.”


Sam Hayes

“Chris and Ruchi Ryley. Brendan McCracken.”


Peter Hemminger

“Ryan Von Hagen. Tyler Klein Longmire. Brenda Leiberman. Saje Damen. Kari McQueen.”


Kate Hewko

“Three women who have been pillars throughout my business and personal life: Kim Flanagan, Christa Gravel and Donna Pattullo. And my husband, Dan Hewko, who has always supported my creative endeavours.”


Laura Incognito

“Arlene Dickinson and the team at District Ventures for helping support the growth of Little Tucker. The Calgary community and all its local retailers for being the reason I was able to make Little Tucker my reality.”


Kelly James

“CAWST’s Calgary donors. Caesar Apentiik. Erin Bird. My colleagues at CAWST. Naomi Robinson. And my parents.”


Travis Juska

“My wife, MaRae Juska. My family. And the mentors I have been fortunate enough to have over the years.”


Usman Tahir Jutt

“My wife, Sarah Pervez. My son, Daniyal Tahir. My employees and colleagues at McDonald’s and Chirp Foods.”


Maya Kambeitz

“My family — Mujo, Selzeta, and Aladin Sehic. My partner, Reid Kambeitz. And my board, colleagues and the residents at Norfolk Housing Association.”


Christopher Lloyd

“My girlfriend, Lauren Stelck. My friends and family. All the volunteers for Oneball, past and present. My dogs Darwin and Amelia.”


Emily Marasco

“My husband and family. Dr. Daryl Caswell, Dr. Laleh Behjat, Dr. Bill Rosehart and Dr. Mike Smith.”


Kerri McGrath & Jesse Messom

“Our mom. Dr. Pedro Pereira and his team at U of C. Marco Porta. Maxcom Petroli. Greg Forzani. Jim Ven Wert (IUT founder). The employees at Bigfoot. Kerri’s huband, Sean McGrath, and son, Kalem McGrath. And Jesse’s wife and kids.”


Sky McLean

“My family, the Mitchells and McLeans. The Basecamp staff.”


Amish Morjaria

“Madhu and Ash Morjaria (my parents) for their unconditional support always. Amisha Morjaria (my sister) for her help all along the way, specifically when we needed an extra set of hands. Jon Holden (my business partner at Forward Level Marketing {FLM}) for leaving a stable career and taking a chance to join a young company – he is a big reason why FLM has experienced the growth it has. Jeff Holden and Danielle Gill — both took a chance on a startup and without them we may have remained a startup. Kim Moody (long time client and friend) for his support and mentorship in the early days and even more so today. The entire team at FLM — without them, none of this is possible. Our clients who believe in FLM and support our journey every day.”


Liz Nandee

“Cheryll Nandee and Wolston Ayoung for always believing in me, even when my goals seemed far-reaching and unachievable. Ari Afaganis who helped me realize my love and passion for design. My colleagues, especially Andy McCreath, Christian Darbyshire, Shawna Ogston, Noah Fallis and Drew Allum. All my clients from the last 18 years that have allowed me to design for them, My suppliers who have supported me in creating beautiful and memorable spaces and the Charities that do amazing work for our communities that I have been fortunate to partner with and give back. And to Avenue magazine/RedPoint Media for such an incredible honour.”


Umair Pervez

My mentors at work (Helen) and my family (Usman and Sarah) for providing me with guidance and the ability to improve myself, and my friends for showing me relentless support and encouragement. I’d also like to thank Avenue magazine for recognizing up-and-coming talent and providing a platform for younger leaders to shine.”


Dr. Shafeena Premji

“Dr Irene Wiens MD CCFP. Dr Peter Nieman FRCP(C), FAAP. Ashish Patel. Janet Regts RN IBCLC. South Calgary Primary Care Network.”


Nabeel Ramji

“Erin Shilliday (the other Co-Founder of Bricolage Calgary). My family (parents, sister, and brother in law).”


Aalia Ratani

“My parents. My husband.”


Dr. Marshall Ross

“Jenny Thompson, Alan Ross, Judy Atkinson, Robert Tanguay and the ESCN (Emergency Strategic Clinical Network) team.”


Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand

“My father, Quentin Lefthand, for leaving a legacy for me to continue pursuing a life and career in music. My mother, Evaline Lefthand, for being a support for me in everything in my life. The rest of my family for supporting me in my endeavours. The staff of IRIM for helping IRIM continue to be sustainable and provide programming that is recognized throughout Mohkinstsìss (Calgary) and the rest of Alberta and Canada.”


Jung-Suk “J.S.” Ryu

“My wife, Nari Ryu. My parents, Inuk and Choon Ryu. My staff, board members and the volunteers at Indefinite Arts Centre.”


Dr. Farida Saher

“My parents, Merwan and Saroj Saher. My sister, Zohreh Saher. My mentor, Dr. Leonard Smith.”


Dr. Ryan Todd

“Anna Todd, Jordan DeCoste, team headversity, Seema Hussain, Ken Stephenson, Chen Fong, Bev Adams, Patricia Phillips, and, finally, my parents, Mary and Jim Todd.”


Rachel Wade

“Ron Jaicarran, Wellington Holbrook, Kerilee Snatenchuk, Tevi Legge, Louis Martyres, Rob Bennett, Jennifer Forsyth, Shahzia Noorally, Neetu Sidhu, Scott Herron, Maureen Parker, Andrew Pozzobon, Andrea Hunt, Chris Manderson, Mel Whalen, John Wade, Sandra Salazar, Kevin Larsen.”


Dr. Lauren Walker

“My long-time mentor, Dr. John Robinson. The members of the OASIS team. My research collaborators. My 2-year-old daughter, Marin, and my husband, Richard, for keeping my life in perspective and for providing unwavering support.”


Dr. Fareen Zaver

“Shaila Zaver. My parents, Mohamed and Parviz Zaver. And my fiancé, Ali Jadavji.”

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