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2014 Top 40 Under 40

Aaron Salus

Taking the company he founded at 24 from bedroom to boardroom, Aaron Salus has worked with clients like Shell, Canadian Geographic and MuchMusic, and developed CodeSearch, a technology to help find missing children

Amy Dryer

Amy Dryer lives her talent, gives her talent and changes the lives of the people she touches with her art, her personality and her generosity

Ann Zalucky

Zalucky is pursuing both a master’s degree and a medical doctorate, researching and presenting findings on kidney disease and running the MicroMalaria Project, which she co-founded to help prevent the spread of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa

Bijoy Menon

Bijoy Menon is transforming our understanding of strokes, with hopes that his work will lead to tailored treatments that can reverse the effects of stroke or even prevent them

Brendan McCracken

Brendan McCracken is a business leader who has created change as part of the strategy team that helped create a 30-per cent increase in the value of Encana

Caitlin Boyle

As the co-owner of 51 North Productions and as co-founder of a micro-credit foundation that provides loans to women in developing countries, Caitlin Boyle has found success by giving back at the same time as working

Carie Stock

Carie Stock founded Helping Families Handle Cancer, a registered charity that has helped more than 75 families who have a child battling cancer by paying their bills so the parents could be with their children during treatment

Carolyn Davis

By helping bridge the gap between Momentum’s donors and the people using the non-profit’s services, Davis helps everyone understand poverty in our city

Charles Blanc and Tristan Surtees

This duo’s public art has made the international art community take notice of the city and encouraged Calgarians to think about our connection to the environment and our water

Chelsey Ansell

Ansell uses her financial acumen to explain the value of sustainable business practices, which has made her a valuable commodity at TransCanada Corporation

David Gluzman

Through his companies, WineCollective and BlackSquare, David Gluzman has revolutionized how wine is sold online around the world

Donovan Seidle

Donovan Seidle played Carnegie Hall after being chosen for the inaugural performance of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, which was comprised of 93 musicians from 30 countries

Duncan Ly

Duncan Ly is leading the vanguard of determined, creative chefs who will put Alberta cuisine on the national and international foodie map

Fabrizio Chiacchia

Fabrizio Chiacchia is a biotech innovator and entrepreneur who is finding ways to reduce hospital-acquired infections, which account for 8,500 deaths and $1 billion in health-care costs annually in Canada

Gavin McCormack

Gavin McCormack’s research looks for a societal response to problems like the obesity epidemic, and he’s finding ways to build healthier, more active neighbourhoods

Geeta Sankappanavar

Geeta Sankappanavar has brought just over $1 billion in capital to our city for investment in local energy companies while, at the same time, encouraging women in the energy industry by creating a company dedicated to gender equality

Gerardo Marquez

In Marquez's work life, he’s a tireless advocate for the energy sector and urban sustainability; in his off hours, he contributes as a key member on several groups helping to shape our city

Jean-Louis Bleau

Jean-Louis Bleau is a maverick in Calgary’s choral scene. He is shaping the next generation of singers with his creative and collaborative approach to performance

Jeff Dyer

Leading the Accessible Housing Society, Jeff Dyer works to find homes and bring community to homeless people with mobility issues

Jennifer Carscallen

Jennifer Carscallen has taken her environmental consulting business from start-up to 22 employees and more than $2 million in annual revenues

Jeremy Bridge

Jeremy Bridge has led his sound-production company to the forefront of the electronic dance music craze, including providing sound production for Skrillex, and has also developed a line of speakers

Jill Drader

Jill Drader is helping women get their start in the trades through the creation of Steel Toe Stiletto Ltd., Women in Work Boots and an online training site

Karen Ryan

Karen Ryan co-founded Ryan-Murphy with Lara Murphy in 2008. Since then, the company has doubled in size and is on track to see revenues of almost $4 million this year

Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson is leading the team that is responsible for the development of the entire East Village project, helping to turn this inner-city spot with lots of potential into a vibrant new neighbourhood

Kimberley Nelson

As one of Calgary’s sharpest cycling advocates, Kimberley Nelson represents Bike Calgary through passionate debate with city councillors, media and even the occasional Twitter troll to help get the new downtown cycle track network approved by city council

Kristina Zakhary

Kristina Zakhary is the first woman in Calgary to be certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Liana Appelt

A community volunteer, doctoral student and tireless advocate for bilingual education, Appelt is fully committed to improving education in Calgary, which is why she’s Calgary’s youngest school principal

Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill’s research into the endocannabinoid system has changed our understanding of how the brain deals with and recovers from stress

Megan Szanik

Megan Szanik has created a successful clothing boutique that is on track to do $2.5 million in sales this year, and her charitable endeavours have raised $60,000 for the Prostate Cancer Centre and $90,000 for Special Olympics

Michelle Rempel

Michelle Rempel is the youngest female cabinet minister in Canadian history and was one of the Women’s Executive Network’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada before entering politics

Paul Welch

The co-founder of Calgary’s only theatre company dedicated to telling LGBTQ stories, Paul Welch helped to develop Third Street Theatre into a $30,000-a-year operation

Pieter Boekhoff

By co-founding AcceleratorYYC, the city’s first co-work space dedicated to mentoring local tech entrepreneurs, Pieter Boekhoff is growing Calgary as a technology hub

Rachael L'Orsa

Rachael L’Orsa 
turned a pile of 
spare parts, her own engineering background and a love for robotics into the Schulich Community Robotics Program, giving kids hands-on robotics experience. Plus, she’s one of only three female smoke jumpers in Canada

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh Sharma has helped build the largest immigration law firm in Western Canada and hosts a weekly South Asian-language radio show about legal issues

Sarah Woodgate

Sarah Woodgate is leading the process to establish the City’s four-year, $20-billion budget in a way that accommodates Calgary’s substantial growth while keeping tax rates low

Sarosh Rizvi

Sarosh Rizvi’s NGO is demonstrating a new approach to microfinancing and showing a little goes a long way in the fight against global poverty

Shamon Kureshi

Since 2005, Shamon Kureshi has turned his family’s holdings of 20 rental properties into the city’s largest property management firm, with $15.7 million in revenues last year and more than 30 employees

Thomas Yu

Thomas Yu is 
a sought-after 
amateur concert pianist who also runs his own successful periodontal practice

Yousef Traya

Yousef Traya is a pillar of the Bridgeland community, not only operating a corner grocery store and an excellent Middle Eastern restaurant but working hard to bring community spirit to the neighbourhood
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