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Win 2 Tickets to a Dane Cook Live

Dane Cook is coming to Calgary in support of the Owen Hart Foundation and Avenue is giving away two tickets to the comedy show.

You Should Try Heli- and Cat-Skiing

Heli- and cat-skiing was invented in Western Canada, so why haven’t you done it yet?

Win 2 Tickets to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's Concert

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's #WAYTOOBIG #WAYTOOLOUD concert is coming to the Jubilee Auditorium this weekend
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Top 3 Bands Compete for Cash

The Alberta Peak Performance Project winds up Thursday night at the Republik

5 Things To Do in Calgary: November 24 to 30

Build a terrarium, watch improv and catch a spooky holiday flick

Taking Where the Wild Things Are From the Page to the Stage

Vertigo Theatre’s Y Stage presents Presentation House Theatre’s production of Where the Wild Things Are, which is an interactive show that appeals to kids and adults
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The Complete Guide to 'Twas the Night

Everything you need to know about one of the hottest holiday shopping events in Calgary, set to take place on November 27

5 Films to See at the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival

These five docs will give you a great overview of what this free film festival is all about

5 Films To See at CUFF Docs

Some documentaries worth seeing at Calgary's second annual CUFF Docs
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4 Sound Superpowers You Didn't Know You Had

Learn about the amazing powers of hearing and sound at the NMC's newest production

5 Things To Do in Calgary: November 17 to 23

Dress like Draper, chow down on chowder and buy holiday goodies

Everything You Need to Know About Honens ProAm

This Saturday, five amateur pianists will perform like pros
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The Game's Afoot: Inside the Rehearsal Hall

Director Mark Bellamy on Sherlock Holmes, dead bodies and the perfect séance music

9 People Who Will Speak the Truth at TEDxCalgary

This weekend, really smart people will delve into the fuzzy topic of what we know and don't know and how they figure it all out

Where to Eat Before and After the Calgary European Film Festival

Every good movie night (or day) includes pre- and post-show snacking. This time around stick with the European theme
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Mike Tan Talks About Race and Romance Onstage

The star of Chromatic Theatre's Cowboy Versus Samurai on playing the straight man

22 Things to do During Your Lunch Hour

Consider it your power hour and a time to take cooking classes, get a custom suit, catch a concert or workout really hard for 15 minutes

3 Christmas Market Mavens Tell Us Where To Shop and What To Buy

With so many markets to choose from, Veronica Murphy, Kait Kucy and Jennea Frischke help us focus by sharing their favourites

11 Mountain Events This Season

Celebrate winter by getting out in a crowd at one of these great events

6 New Places To Exercise Indoors This Winter

Get your sweat on at some of these studios that have recently opened or sign up for their special events
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