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5 Things To Do In Calgary: January 26 to 30

Learn how to lead a Jane’s Walk, be inspired by watching powerful female adventurers and watch DJD's newest dance performance.

How-to Celebrate Australia Day in YYC

Attend a party hosted by a local AFL club or host your own party with meat pies and pikelets.

What You Can Get With Your (Free) Calgary Public Library Card

Get up to 12 movies a month, learn something new by taking an instructor-led online course or read your favourite e-book.
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8 Ways to Celebrate Robbie Burns Day In Calgary

Pay tribute to the great Scottish poet by attending an event that has Scotch, pipes and haggis.

Mump and Smoot's Creators Discuss the Clowns of Horror

5 Things To Do In Calgary: January 19 to 23

Laugh at local comedians, watch a film documenting three individuals who were wrongly convicted of murder and play bocce at a local art gallery.
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Meet the Man Who Makes the Lake Louise Ice Castle

Ice sculptor Lee Ross shares how he creates his masterpieces, how much ice he needs and what some of his biggest projects have been.

Facts You Didn’t Know About the Drag Ballet Troupe Les Trocks

Formal dance meets farce when Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo perform.

An Outdoor Winter Party Comes To Container Bar

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink and dine alfresco.
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10 Best Indoor and Outdoor Skating Rinks

Ten of our favourite ice rinks to glide, slide and skate on.

A Preparatory Guide to What the Thunder Said

Denise Clarke shares a few dramatic and literary tips that an audience can use to prepare for One Yellow Rabbit’s latest piece.

5 Things To Do In Calgary: January 12 to 16

Detox from the holiday season, catch a Calgary singer at a free concert and see The Fifth Reel’s annual screening of The Big Lebowski.

18 Toboggan Hills Sanctioned By the City

Instead of banning tobogganing like other cities (ahem, Hamilton), the City of Calgary designates certain hills as safe for sledding.

6 Incredible Artists Coming to High Performance Rodeo

A great director and dramaturg, an innovative throat singer and an environmental journalist are just a few of the great artists coming to this year’s HPR.

Who Wrote the Lyric? Keith Richards or Leonard Cohen.

High Performance Rodeo presents plays inspired by these songwriters so we thought we would play a little name-that-tune-writer.

16 High Performance Rodeo Events Explained in One Sentence Each

The Rodeo is a lot to sort through so we boiled each event down to the basics.

25 Things To Do In Calgary This January

This month, see the world’s best curlers compete, find a detox that actually works and hear what throat singing really sounds like.

Where to Volunteer in Calgary Each Month of the Year

A calendar for when 12 Calgary charities and non-profits need your help the most (though they'll take your help all year).
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5 Things To Do in Calgary: December 22 to 28

Shop the Calgary Farmers' Market, take in a holiday play and laugh.

5 Things to Do in Calgary: December 15 to 21

Give back to kids in need, sip brews and watch Macaulay Culkin take on some bad guys.
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