5 New Burgers in Calgary

Whether at an old favourite with a new menu or a new eatery in town, here are five of the best new burgers all you carnivores in Calgary can sink your teeth into.

Housemade Tabasco-spiced potato chips on a housemade patty? Oak Tree Tavern knows how to impress with this new burger on their summer menu.


Bandit Burger Bacon Bandit

For those of you that have had a hole in your heart since Alley Burger stopped running a couple of years ago, Bandit is here for you. A combination of ground pork and ground bacon (yes, bacon!) makes for one juicy patty that's topped with fried cheese, marinated tomatoes, slaw and their signature bandit sauce.

location changes daily, banditburger.ca, @banditburger

Libertine California Turkey Burger

If you're imagining a boring, dry turkey patty, then check your preconceived notions at the door before you walk in and bite into this big burger made with local turkey that's complimented by pineapple, guacamole, havarti, tomato and mayo all sandwiched in a big, buttery brioche bun.

223 8 Ave SW, 403-265-3665, thelibertine.ca, @libertinepublic

Nu Burger Going Burger

Known for their quirky burger-meets-sushi combinations, you'll be surprised by this creative assembly that consists of grass-fed beef, grilled tofu, teriyaki sauce, crispy ginger chips, shitake mushrooms and a wasabi mayo. The term "oddly delicious" should definitely come to mind.

890 4 Ave SW, 587-955-8606, nubsb.com, @nubsbhq

Oak Tree Tavern BBQ Chip Burger

Horseradish barbecue sauce, aged cheddar and a pile of crispy house-made Tabasco potato chips make this new beef burger on Oak Tree's summer menu a must-try.

124 10 St NW, 403-270-3347, oaktreetavern.com, @oaktreeyyc

One18 Empire One18 Burger

The re-conceived restaurant concept inside the Marriott on 9th Avenue offers a long list of whiskey and meat-heavy options to try, but pop by during the lunch hour and take a seat at the Burger Bar to get one of their hand-ground kobe beef burgers. You'll have 30 seconds to eat it (30 minutes) from the time of ordering and if you do (it's quite manageable), you'll get it for $10 instead of the regular $20. Who doesn't like a bargain?

820 Centre St SE, 403-269-0299, one18empire.com, @one18empire

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