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Big Idea: Mobile Health Bus to Treat Calgary's Youth (Video)

When high school student Alexis Daley was dealing with challenging health concerns, she didn’t feel she had anywhere to turn.

“When you’re a teenager with mental health issues it’s really hard to find people to talk to that don’t look down on you,” she says.

That was until a friend convinced her to board The Alex Youth Health Bus and she found the support she needed.

The bus is one of three in a fleet of mobile clinics that travel to Calgary neighbourhoods and provide care to people that may not be able to access traditional health clinics for a number of different reasons.

Video by Kerianne Sproule.

The Alex launched their Community Health Bus in 2001, providing the only service of its kind in North America. They introduced their youth bus in January 2012. On January 15 the team celebrated the addition of a Dental Health Bus.

“The Alex has always been about breaking down barriers and access and making health care and housing solutions available to all Calgarians,” says Yvette Rasmussen, Marketing and Communications consultant at The Alex. “We think that our health buses are innovative ideas that are helping keep our most vulnerable neighbours healthy and in their homes.”

In 2011 and 2012, more than 2,000 youth accessed the mobile health centre. Only 30% had a place to call home.

Each year Avenue chooses one topic as its Big Idea to delve a little deeper in. The Big Idea is also the theme of the October print issue. This year Avenue is studying education, health care and design as the three cornerstones of a successful city. 

Avenue's 2013 Big Idea is sponsored by University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design

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