Reboot Your Meal Routine This Year with Nutritious, Chef-Designed Meals

Made Foods takes the pressure out of meal prep, serving high quality meals to pick up or delivered to your door.

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Getting a meal on the table comes with a lot of pressure. Most of us are looking for healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners made with fresh locally sourced ingredients, but don’t have time to do the meal planning, shopping and cooking that goes into creating a nutritious meal that tastes as good as what you may find in a restaurant. The process is more than most of us can handle on a daily basis, which is where Made Foods, a Calgary-based company that launched in 2015, comes in.

Made Foods’ products give customers the feeling of having a personal chef and nutritionist at their disposal, at a fraction of the cost. The company makes and sells fresh meals largely crafted from local ingredients that can be quickly heated at home for a hot and incredibly healthy meal. With certified nutritionists and chefs working together in the kitchen, the company offers something that is unique in the increasingly popular home meal replacement sector.

“These meals are restaurant quality but at half the price. Technically we cook the same way as if we were cooking in a restaurant — everything is fresh,” says Made Foods Executive Chef Andrea Harling. “The idea is convenience — but its really good fresh honest food that you can eat at home so you’re not missing time with your family.”

Harling and her team, who have experience at top local restaurants like Rouge, Brava Bistro and The Living Room, whip up dishes like veggie-packed breakfast burritos, quinoa and rice-based salads and hearty Korean Braised Beef, as well as wholesome soups, sauces and snacks. The chefs make sure that everything is as delicious as the meals customers would find in restaurants, though the kitchen team is also careful to use less added fat and salt than one would typically find in a take-out meal.

“That’s where the technique comes in. We season with more acidity and technically cook properly so we don’t have to rely on salt and fat for flavour,” Harling says. “If you’re putting the love and effort into it you’re really getting a superior product without adding in too much.”

Made Foods’ certified nutritionists have also developed a service called Made For Your Life, which includes customized meal plans and nutrition consulting, as well as cleanse packages. Made’s three-day cleanses consist of a combination of soups and salads as well as Well Juicery cold-pressed juice that offer a quick and safe detox that doesn’t spike sugar levels in the way that a traditional all-juice cleanse may. The plans are built from Made’s seasonal menu offerings and are individualized to suit each customer’s individual needs, preferences and dietary restrictions.

“The program was excellent — I had 21 days of nutritious food packaged prepared for me on a three-day cycle,” says Garry, a Made For Your Life customer. “It took any guess work out of the system and knowing the food was locally sourced as much as possible gave it much more flavour and nutrition. Along the way I met with the nutritionist on a regular basis and was given tips and encouragement. I found at the end of the program that my energy and general outlook improved."

Fresh Made Foods meals are available at any one of the company’s seven retail stores across Calgary and can also be delivered directly to addresses within the Calgary city limit. For more information, visit



Made Foods provides healthy eating options for people on the go. Enjoy our freshly prepared, delicious and healthy fast food without all the shopping, preparing and cooking. Our Chef and her team make fresh, pre-packaged, healthy meals in single portions and they’re delivered to our local stores daily. You can also order our healthy food online and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. Our meals are pre-cooked and chilled, and ready to be heated if needed. Enjoy them in store too – we’ve got eight healthy places to eat in the Calgary area.


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Made Foods offers a wide selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and low calorie options. Order healthy food and fuel your body right so you can feel your best and make the most of life, no matter how busy you are.