Art Inspired by Plankton, Art for Numbers Nerds and Art By a Water Witch

September is a great month for art in Calgary. Here are a few events and exhibits to check out.

Teresa Posyniak, Oxygen Poem II, mixed media on canvas, 30


Upcoming art events


NEVER THE SAME: what (else) can art writing do?

September 15 to 17

In this three-day event you are sure to challenge the boundaries of why you believe art writing exists. Explore the topic of art writing with the promised discussion points of: art writing and knowledge production, new modes of publishing and distribution, performing and materialising art writing and making space, place and time through art writing. 

Multiple venues,


Artist Reception with Yechel Gagnon at Newzones

September 16, 2 to 4 p.m.

Artist Yechel Gagnon will be in attendance for the opening of her solo exhibition "Midwinter Thaw" at the Newzone gallery. Gagnon masterfully uses the base material of plywood which she burns and marks into to create many of her abstract pieces. 

730 11 Ave. S.W.,


Artist Reception with Heather Close at Christine Klassen Gallery

September 16, 1 to 4 p.m.

heather close, "Alpine", mixed media sculpture, 6"x9"x9"


You'll feel like a giant lumbering through a tiny village that's been overgrown by shrubbery if you choose to visit Close's exhibit. Her work falls into two categories, painting and sculpture, and she intends to represent the way we hold onto memories. The idea is that each time you reminisce it will have changed slightly, shown by the overgrowth on the tiny houses in her work.

200 321 50 Ave. S.E.,


Art exhibits opening in September


Contemporary Calgary

curated by Lisa Baldissera & Joanne Bristol | extratextual

September 1 to January 21

117 8 Ave. S.W., 403-770-1350,

The extratextual exhibit features the work of almost thirty distinct artists all exploring the same idea: the relationship between writing and artistic production.  The hope is that this contemporary art collection not only gets the viewer to think more critically about what has informed their own worldview and understanding but perhaps take away a new revelation about art writing.


Christine Klassen Gallery

Teresa Posyniak | Drifters & Blooms

September 5 to October 14

200 321 50 Ave. ,403-262-1880,

Teresa Posyniak, "Microbial graffiti", oil & cold wax on canvas, 60"X 48"

If you feel like some of Posyniak's pieces looks like you're seeing through a microscope, you're not far off what she intended. Posyniak will often start with the concept of representing a plankton and then continue to add and subtract layers and textures. 


Aron Hill | Drawings & Paintings

September 5 to 14

200 321 50 Ave., 403-262-1880,


Aron Hill, "Colour blocks 1", Ink and paint on prepared raw canvas, 30"x24"


Aron Hill will be the third Calgarian artist featured in the exhibit at the Christine Klassen Gallery. The opening occurs during the Calgary ArtWalk Festival.


Alberta Printmakers

Chad Erpelding | Taking Stock

September 8 to October 12

4025 4 St. S.E., 403-287-1056,

Erpelding likes to play with data visualization in his work, which starts with deep diving into research on the world's systems including corporate, political and governmental. The point is to be confronted, as a viewer, with where you stand in all these systems. Meet the artist himself at the exhibition opening on September 8.


Truck Contemporary Art In Calgary

Alana Bartol | In Blood and Bone

September 8 to October 14

2009 10 Ave. S.W., 403-264-7737,

In this exploratory exhibit, Alana Bartol, who comes from a line of water witches,  challenges the relationship we have with our natural resources. She does this by showcasing dowsing, which she says is an alternative means of locating things like oil and groundwater.



Patrick Cruz & Gabrielle L'Hirodelle Hill | Other Portraits

September 15 to November 3

1006 Macleod Trail S.E., 403-262-8507,

In collaboration, Patrick Cruz and Gabrielle L'Hirodelle hope to provide a space to acknowledge both past and future spaces with their sculptural project.

Nickle Galleries 

Writing on the Wall: Works of Dr. Joane Cardinal-Schubert

September 21 to December 16

410 University Ct. N.W.,

An intensive look at the artwork of University of Calgary alumnus Joane Cardinal Schubert from an expansive range of 1942 to 2009. The opening reception on September 21 also marks the release of a publication detailing the works and life of Cardinal-Schubert. 


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