10 Things [pre]shrunk Co-Owner Erin Ferguson Loves

She shares her love for floral arrangements, East Village bike rides and PARKLUXE.


photograph by by Phil Crozier


After moving to Calgary from San Francisco in 2010, Erin Ferguson spent her free time exploring her new city, putting down roots while finding new haunts. Eight years later, the co-owner of the online consignment boutique [pre]shrunk is busier than ever, curating the site’s maternity, baby and children’s wear selections on top of caring for her two young boys. But she still makes time for her 10 favourite things in Calgary.


Art in the Box

The instructor, Miss Catherine, is famous among my neighbours in Elbow Park. You can go into her studio [in Elboya] and just have time to be creative. I work a lot with clay and it’s nice to have two hours alone in your own head.


Active Botanical Hydration from Illuminate Skin Therapies

photograph by Joanna Kostanecki

With it being so dry in Calgary, I can’t live without this. Everything is natural and I find that it hydrates from the inside out, so you’re not just putting lotion on top of your skin.


Like a Boss Natural Deodorant by Routine 

I need something that can withstand a workout, because often natural deodorants don’t — but this does. I love the scent because it’s a little bit masculine, but not overly masculine. 


Floral Arrangements from Wild About Flowers

I can call and tell them my colours and price point and the arrangement comes out beyond my expectations. It’s always original and beautiful and it feels like everything is put together with love.


East Village Bike Rides

My family and I love taking long bike rides through East Village. We stop and grab croissants from Sidewalk Citizen and then pack the kids back in and cruise around. The kids love it and it’s a full day for us.



photograph by Jared Sych

Mercato is so good and so consistent. I’ll go to the market if I need to grab something quick for dinner and I love eating there, too. It’s like eating in your grandparents’ kitchen. 


Laura Brows

The owner Laura does eyebrow tinting and waxing, but she also teaches you how to fill your eyebrows in yourself as opposed to doing micro-blading. She’s amazing.


The-upside.ca Consignment

The-upside.ca has such a great collection of designer items, and their price point is great.



photograph by Allison Seto

It has become a tradition for me and my best friend to go to PARKLUXE every year. It’s just such an elevated experience and there’s no other event in Calgary like it.


The Bamboo Ballroom

photograph by Dongbu San

I love going in there and finding pieces I can’t find anywhere else. The owner Stacey brings in the best stuff. 


This article appears in the June 2018 issue of Avenue Calgary. Subscribe here.


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