4 Ways to Stick to Your Renovation Budget

Learn how to stay within your renovation budget with these tips from kitchen design pros.

Change is an inevitable part of any renovation, but with some up-front work it’s possible to stay within your budget limits. Give yourself the best shot at sticking to your plan by following these budgeting tips from kitchen design pros.



Find a renovation pro with a proven track record and established process who is willing to provide a fixed quote.


Be Realistic

Work with an experienced design professional who will help you create a realistic, detailed budget breakdown. The more detailed you are, the more likely you’ll be to establish an accurate budget that will keep your expectations reasonable. If the quotes you’re getting are vague and seem too good to be true, they probably are.



You’ll probably have exciting new ideas as you see your renovation project unfold. Sometimes it’s appropriate to make additions or upgrades, but you’ll have a better shot at staying within your limits if you identify up-front which items are need-to-have vs. want-to-have. Just remember that every little change adds up and will impact your project requirements for materials, labor and schedule.


Have a Contingency

Build in a budgetary buffer. This will reduce your stress and give you the flexibility to decide on changes down the road.

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