Music to Our Ears

The prestigious Honens International Piano Competition and Festival runs from August 30 to September 8.


When we listen.
When we let ourselves be open, carried away.
When we allow ourselves to enter a state of wonder and let our feelings flow, we awaken possibilities.

It is simply a combination of pitches, time and vibration but it has the power to amaze and touch anyone, from any walk of life.

You can’t touch it or see it, yet it has the power to transport you, to inspire, to evoke emotion and carry you to the most intimate and profound moments.
It makes you stop.
It makes you reflect and imagine.
It inspires you.

It’s a language that brings down walls.

It’s not filtered through cultures, beliefs, background, gender or age.
It has the capacity to express emotion beyond the ability of words.

Its soft grip is so powerful it can penetrate every heart and reshape minds.

It is as beautiful as it is powerful.
With the same ease, it lets you get lost in serenity and show you might and strength.

It is the language of who we really are. All of our wonder, fears, dreams, anguish and anger.

It’s a mirror where we see ourselves reflected.

That’s the power of classical music.

Classical music done well, that is.

And to do it well, you need more than passion and practice.
There is a lot of brain in art.

There is a lot of careful thought and consideration.
It takes careful planning, strategy and painstaking work.
And it takes more than playing the piano superbly.

To do it well, to touch people, to wow them, you need to be a Complete Artist—to interpret the music, to relate to your audience, to know more than when and how to hit the notes in the keyboard. It takes sensitivity, awareness and the willingness to open yourself up and be vulnerable. It takes dreamers, explorers, collaborators, interpreters and most of all risk-takers.

That’s what it takes to engage; to tempt people to experience something they may feel won’t be of their liking, something unfamiliar and perhaps even intimidating.

To spark appreciation for what you’re witnessing.

And that’s why we exist.

To spark appreciation in classical piano.
To see people, who otherwise may never listen to classical music, marvel and recognize the value of it.
To keep the music playing for generations to come.

Witness the Discovery. August 30 to September 8, 2018

2018 Honens International Piano Competition & Festival,