Salvage Solutions is a Well-Kept Secret in the Reclaimed Wood and Décor Market

The Pincher Creek company has worked to preserve and reclaim wood from old Alberta farm buildings since 2012.

Bathroom Vanity, Braemyn Homes.


For connoisseurs of the reclaimed material building and décor market, Salvage Solutions Ltd is a well-kept secret located in the southwest corner of the province. Based in Pincher Creek, Alberta this family run business has been in operation since 2012 providing raw reclaimed material as well as finished reclaimed furniture and décor items to their clients throughout Alberta.

“We find that our clients have contemporary tastes and at the same time are genuinely interested in sourcing local and ethically acquired material,” explains co-owner and operator Michael Gerrand. “There are some very savvy consumers out there who recognize the historical and aesthetic value of antique wood that is reclaimed right here in Southern Alberta.”

In the era of online shopping, Salvage Solutions has struck the right balance between providing convenient shipping options for clients in the Calgary area and at the same time providing a worthwhile experience for those able to go on a road trip to the Pincher Creek area.

Michael Gerrand from Salvage Solutions, on site.


Barn deconstruction.


“We are nestled in an amazing corner of the world,” adds Gerrand. “The ranching and farming community is vibrant and at the same time we are seeing more interest in this area which is home to Waterton Lakes National Park, Castle Provincial Park and is conveniently en route to the Crowsnest Pass and Fernie area. When our clients come here we want them to experience the passion we feel for the area and see how our material and work reflects this.”

Gerrand’s loyalty to the agricultural roots of his business come naturally having grown up on a mixed farm in Manitoba and worked for seventeen years as a grazing management specialist throughout Alberta.  During this time he visited many farms and ranches and realized that something had to be done to not only preserve as many intact buildings as possible but also to save the material housed in the buildings that are beyond repair.

“Our inventory comes primarily from barns and granaries that no longer have good roofs and were destined to be burned or demolished,” explains Gerrand. “We then take it down in the reverse order it went up, remove every nail and clean every board.”

It’s a painstaking process but it also means that Gerrand and the team at Salvage Solutions have intimate knowledge of the inventory.  While touring their warehouse it quickly becomes evident that it is as their motto says, “wood with a story to tell.”

At the end of the day Gerrand has a clear goal at Salvage Solutions. “Ultimately we want the passion and life that was put into these buildings fifty to a hundred years ago to live on in the buildings, homes or furniture of our clients.”

Salvage Solutions, 1048 Macleod Street, Pincher Creek, AB,

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