12 Works of Art We Loved in 2017

From a tin-toy forest with animated animal figures at the airport to a stack of bronze hats in front of Hotel Le Germain, here are 12 pieces you should know about.


Nature's Playground by Jeff de Boer


Title: Nature’s Playground, 2016
Medium: Vinyl on aluminium and MDF, enamel on aluminium, glass, sensors, robotics.
Size: Three island landscapes, each approximately 36 feet tall and 14 feet in diameter.
Location: International Departures Level, International Terminal, YYC Calgary International Airport. Commissioned by the Calgary Airport Authority as part of the thematic art program Rhythms of the Landscape. Produced in collaboration with graphic designer Deborah Puffer; Cameron Farn of F&D Scene Changes (Calgary); Grant McKee of Fringe Robotics (Red Deer) and Dave Sangra of CIMtech Mfg. (Calgary).
Click here to read more about the artowrk


Monument to Fallen Stars by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett


Title: Monument to Fallen Stars, 2017
Artists: Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett
Medium: Cobra Head street lamps, platform, telescope, mirror
Size: The footprint of the work is 110 feet in diameter within the larger lot, reaching to the height of a mirror four storeys up on an adjacent building.
Location: Was located at the intersection at 4th Avenue and 5th Street S.W., southwest corner.
Note: One of 11 works in the inaugural GLOW Downtown Winter Light Festival, hosted by Downtown Calgary in February 2017.
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One-way Ticket by Marjan Eggermont


Title: One-way Ticket, 2011
Artist: Marjan Eggermont
Medium: Silver leaf on gun-blue etched steel
Size: 48' x 16' (15 panels, each 4'x 8’).
Location: Located in the Energy Environment Experiential Learning Building, University of Calgary.
Note: The artwork is a legacy gift jointly financed by the U of C Alumni Association, the Students Union and the graduating class of 2010. Eggermont is represented in Calgary by Herringer Kiss Gallery.
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VS. by Craig Le Blanc


Title: Versus, 2016.
Artist: Craig Le Blanc (operating as the White Studio, with the assistance of Adam Rees).
Medium: Painted stainless steel
Size: 1 feet x 14.75 feet x 3.25 feet.
Location: Located at the entrance to New Brighton Athletic Park, 5801 130 Ave. S.E.
Notes: Commissioned through The City of Calgary Public Art Program.
Click here to read more about the artwork.


The Heart's Prayer by Chelsea Rushton


Title: The Heart’s Prayer for order from chaos and action from order, 2016
Artist: Chelsea Rushton
Medium: Gouache and graphite on Arches watercolour paper
Size: 12 inches x 16 inches.
Location: Located at the Lightbox Studio, Arts Commons (beside the Martha Cohen Theatre).
Click here to read more about the artwork.


Janet's Crown by Katie Ohe


Title: Janet’s Crown, 2001.
Artist: Katie Ohe, with the technical assistance of George Petitclerc (metal work), Neil Liske (painting) and Barry Klippert (installation).
Medium: Industrial paint and clear coat on steel; polished stainless steel; grassy hillside.
Size: The piece occupies an area approximately 35 feet in diameter. The central form is five-feet-seven-and-a-half-inches high by five-feet wide; individual stars vary in size from 22 to 38 inches.
Location: Southwest of the main entrance to the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD), 1407 14 Ave. N.W.
Notes: Piece was commissioned and donated by Rod Green and Masters Gallery to ACAD.
Click here to read more about the artwork.


Emperor With No Clothes by Rosanna Marmont


Title: Emperor With No Clothes, 2016 (previously titled Sophia)
Artist: Rosanna Marmont 
Medium: Oil on birch.
Size: 60 inches by 48 inches.
Location: cSPACE King Edward, 1721 29 Ave. S.W. Was on display as part of “I Am Western” from June 30 to Oct. 1, 2017. 
Click here to read more about the artwork.


Hope, Love, Peace, Healing, Generosity, Purpose, Harmony by Jason de Haan


Title: Hope, Love, Peace, Healing, Generosity, Purpose, Harmony, 2008
Artist: Jason de Haan
Medium: Crystal specimens, speakers, cinder blocks, amplifier, Sony Discman.
Size: Approximately 244 centimetres in diameter.
Location: Part of the exhibition Oh for eyes! At night we dream of eyes! that ran until Aug. 27 at Esker Foundation Contemporary Art Gallery, 444, 1011 9 Ave. S.E.  
Click here to read more about the artwork.


Machin by Alexis Kondra

photograph by jared sych

Title: Machin, 2017
Artist: Alexis Kondra
Medium: Coffee stir-sticks, popsicle sticks, “craft” wood, oven-bake clay, acrylic, India ink, recycled jewellery, plastic laminate, turban cotton, mirror film, plants.
Size: Seven inches-by-15 inches-by-10-and-a-half inches.   
Location: Was displayed at The Little Gallery, 732 McDougall Rd. N.E., until Oct. 31, 2017.
Click here to read more about the artwork.


Concrete Murals (Untitled) by Robert Oldrich

photograph by jared sych

Title: Concrete Murals (Untitled)
Artist: Robert Oldrich (1920 to 1983)
Medium: Cast concrete. 
Size: Left panel, 154 inches-by-92 inches-by-six inches; central panel 244.5 inches-by-92 inches-by-six inches; right panel 244.5 inches-by-91.5 inches-by-six inches. 
Location: The Glenbow, southern exterior facade, 130 9 Ave. S.E.
Note: Commissioned by Mr. Allan Hammond, executive vice-president of the Glenbow-Alberta Institute. Installed in 1975. Other artworks by Robert Oldrich in Calgary can be seen on the exteriors of Bishop Grandin High School and the Calgary Central Library, and on the eastern facade of the Enmax Conservatory at the Calgary Zoo.
Click here to read more about the artwork.


The Hatstack by Walter May


Title: The Hatstack, 2017
Artist: Walter May
Media: Patina on bronze, concrete.
Size: 19-feet-by-28-inches diameter.
Location: 899 Centre St. S.W.
​Notes: Commissioned by Hotel Le Germain Calgary. Bronze components were produced by Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness, Quebec. Fabrication and installation by Heavy Industries, Calgary.
Click here to read more about the artwork.


Imaginarium by Katie Green and daniel j. kirk


Title: Imaginarium, 2017
Artist: Katie Green and daniel j. kirk
Media: Acrylic on digital print (paper), acrylic on polystyrene and plaster, wire mesh, fabric, aluminium tubing, light bulbs and reclaimed material from King Edward School.
Size: Four-storey stairwell installation with eight sections of varying sizes.   
Location: cSPACE King Edward, 1721 29 Ave. S.W.
Notes: This public art project was awarded to Katie Green and daniel j. kirk based on a competition organized in 2016 by cSPACE King Edward with the support of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and The City of Calgary’s Public Art Policy.  Two other murals by Katie Green and daniel j. kirk can be seen at the Bowness Public Library and in the department of art entrance on the sixth floor of the Art Parkade at the University of Calgary.
Click here to read more about the artwork.

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