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Best Patios in Calgary

Best Patios For Large-Format Drinks

Visit these three patios if you're looking for a Bulldog, a big batch of sangria or two litres of beer in a boot.

Patios With the Best View

These three restaurants have patios that offer impressive views of parks or the city. Or, in the case of River Café, a little bit of both.

Best Patios For Day Drinking

When your ideal afternoon involves cocktail menus, dining alfresco and plenty of sun, know that these patios are all perfect for your day drinking needs.

Best Patios For People Watching

Watch the world go by from the shade of one of these patios, with a drink in hand.

Best Late-Night Patios

If you're going to be out late, you're going to want to be at one of these patios.

The Most Romantic Patios In Calgary

Whether you're planning a first date or a special anniversary, these romantic patios are winners.

Calgary Patios With the Best Flowers and Foliage

If you're looking for something a little bit Tuscan, these patios all have pretty potted plants and plenty of greenery.

Best Patios For Brunch

Eat those Bennies (or pancakes or duck confit perogies or Hangover Breakfast Pizza) alfresco.

Patios With the Best Platters

If you're looking to share a lot of food with a lot of people, visit these patios.

Best Concept Patios In Calgary

These three patios all offer something a little bit different. And that's a good thing.
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More Patios

Kent Hehr’s 4 Favourite Wheelchair Accessible Patios

It can be difficult to find patios that are wheelchair accessible. We spoke with MP Kent Hehr to learn which patios in the city he frequents.

More New Patios for 2016

These patios opened later in the season or flew under our radar until now.

Patio Drinks and Snacks For $6 or Less

Tumblers of wine, pork puffs and popcorn are all cheap and cheerful patio snacks that won't break the bank.

5 Patios You Can Still Visit When It’s Raining

Patio season in Calgary is short, so making the most of it means getting out there even on the less-than-sunny days.

New Patios in Calgary for the 2016 Season

We all have our favourite patios. If you are looking to branch out and test a new spot this year, the patios at these restaurants are new this season.

Calgary Patio Finder

Search more than 200 patios by location, sun factor, the direction it faces and more crucial criteria for choosing the best outdoor dining spot.

Calgary Patios That Are Open Now

It's April and already these restaurants are prepared to serve you cold drinks outside anytime the weather is even semi OK.

5 Pet-Friendly Patios in Calgary

These patios have water bowls, mats and even "puppaccinos” for your pooch.

8 Patios That Are Worth the Drive

No summer day in Canmore, Banff or Bragg Creek is complete without a drink and a snack on a patio.

Patios Where You Can Get Pitchers

If you are going to commit to spending time on a patio, you might as well get a pitcher of your favourite drink. It is better for sharing and more efficient all around.

8 Patios in Marda Loop

Find local fare, craft beer and really good coffee on this district’s patios.

Patios for Every Romantic Stage

No matter where you are in the relationship lifecycle, there’s a patio for that.

How-to Patio Crawl in Kensington

Organize your day in Kensington by the patios you’re going to relax at.

Full-Shade Patios for the Sun-Sensitive (or Sunburned)

The best and the worst thing about eating outside is the sun. Here are 5 places to eat outside without being in directly in the beams.

7 Low-Key Patios in Calgary

Even the most energetic of us need a cooler, cozier space now and again.

7 Patios with Great Views

When you want to dine outside somewhere scenic, try one of these great locations.

6 Patios with Pretty Lights

A few strings of lights here and there can make a patio a magical place. Here are six Calgary spots that will light up your nightlife.

7 Perfect Calgary Patio Drinks

Taber corn, B.C. cherries and celery as the new Caesar base are the taste of summer cocktails in Calgary.

6 Patios That Are Good for Families

Patios aren’t just for grownups. These summery outdoor spots are places the whole family will enjoy.

7 Patios That Serve Breakfast (or Brunch)

Start the day off right by taking your morning meal outside at one of these local spots.

19 New and Improved Calgary Patios

Ever more restaurants in Calgary means ever more patios opening this year — here’s a look at some of the latest and greatest new and improved patios in and around town.

5 Patios with Great Amenities

These outdoor drinking-and-dining spots have more to offer than the average patio.

6 Patios That Take Reservations

Book ahead at these patios so you won't have to wait in line when the weather is fine.

5 Patios with Fireplaces

When there's a chill in the air head for one of these hot spots.

8 Great Patios for People-Watching

Outdoor spaces to settle in and observe all walks of life.

6 Great Rooftop Patios in Calgary

High up sunny spots to enjoy a drink or meal.